Driveshaft & Drive Axle Specialists
We service the “Un-serviceable” drive shafts

Such as the 1997-2006 Honda CR-V, 2004-present Ford F-150 2 piece drive shafts, Chevrolet and GMC 3500, Toyota and Lexus 3 piece drive shafts. We can replace most “Staked” in  U-joints with “Greasable” U-joints.

Lake/Cook CV is a drive shaft  and CV Axle repair shop at 133 S. Wheeling Rd. in Wheeling, Illinois. Our specialty is providing new and re-manufactured Drive Shafts and CV Joints. For more than 20 years, we’ve repaired and built top-quality drive shafts and front drive axles  for all vehicle makes and models.

We have expertise with all of the following:

• Domestic and import automobile Drive Shafts and Axles
• Truck Drive Shafts Axles
• Antiques and classic car drive shaft
• Heavy equipment PTO
• Semis and 4X4s drive shafts and axles

We provide drive shafts in steel offering quality craftsmanship and quick turnaround. At Lake Cook C V, we work with leading dealers, shops around the area and nationally known chains as well as individuals to ensure a quality drive shaft or front drive axle is placed on your vehicle.

For all your drive shaft needs, bring them to Lake Cook C. V.